My Paradise Pack Story : Paul Lam

Each year, thousands of people use the Paradise Pack to jumpstart the life they want - from traveling more and working from anywhere to quitting their 9-5 and building businesses around work they love.

Below, Paul shares how he went from selling insurance in a cubicle (but not commercial policies, haha!) to living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and becoming the host of an amazing podcast.

The Paradise Pack

* available May 30st - June 6th 2017

    The Paradise Pack was a huge momentum boost and it helped me build the confidence I needed...I found so much value in the Paradise Pack that it was just unbelievable.

    Paul Lam

    Host, The Path Hunters Podcast (currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand)

    Want to get the real skills you need to become location independent and live, work and travel anywhere in the world?

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